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Men's Swimwear: How to choose the style that suits you in 2018

by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

Today, there are many men s swimwear with special style available in various modern designs and colors. First, your choice depends on your height and body. A slender man who is 1.95 height should consider wearing a longer and wide-cut men's swimwear, while a less tall man should choose a shorter length of men s swimwear. If swimming is your main occupation on the beach, you need a different swimsuit than if you just want to relax. Short-length swimwear suits men who have nice legs and shapely body as they can support it. In any case, it is a matter of choice.

Tall and fit men

If you are 1.80 or taller, with profoundly bore shoulders, and you like training with weights, then you will be in the “high and buff” category which means you can wear anything you like because your body type helps you in to suit in the most designs of men's swimwear. If you have a good tan, the light-colored swimsuits with white or vivid color tones will suit you excellently. A small reminder that will help you in choosing the swimsuit, white rarely keeps the whiteness in its shade for a long time, like the first day you bought it.

Tall and thin men

If you are tall with a slim body type, prefer the traditional men's swimwear, shorts. If you are too tall, it will be difficult to find something with a longer length. Prefer to avoid vertical stripes, and short to length swimsuits because these designs will highlight the height and how thin you are. Prefer the horizontal stripes in the swimsuit design, they will work more in your appearance. In any case, avoid the very short men's swimwear because they probably won't suit you. As far as choosing colors, the color of your skin is a good guide. If you're light-skinned, avoid very bright colors, and if you're tan or darker on the skin, you'll be better suited to lighter and lighter shades. A bright blue (or green, red etc.) will work best in your appearance.

Big body type and tall men

As a big body type and tall man, prefer to choose the longest men's swimwear which will give your appearance the advantage you are looking for and match your style. If your thighs are not very fit, try to avoid men's swimsuits that are too wide. If you prefer designs, go for a small pattern or vertical stripes.

For the above categories of tall men, we recommend the brands of Hurley men's swimwear, Volcom men's swimwear, Billabong, and several others.

Slighter body type and fit men

For the less tall and muscle body types are preferable the shortest swimsuit length because they enhance the image of the height of the body. Avoid long swimwear as the most wide and long shorts, because they work against your image, visually enhancing the medium height, while with a pattern with vertical stripes will help you look taller.

Slighter body type men with large backs

In case you are slighter with more massive body construction, think of a classic bottom that presents the illusion of longer legs. It is recommended to choose a looser form without elastic waist, because it will make you look like you have a big body type. If the swimsuit cuts in your stomach, you better choose the next larger size. Dark colors will always work, and often have a slimming effect, but dark vertical stripes are also good, as they are not very bold.

For the above categories of medium height men, we recommend the brands in men's swimwear Franklin & Marshall and Men's swimwear Phazz brand.

Keeping in mind the personal taste of each one of you, we present a big variety of branded men's swimwear in beautiful designs and colors for every taste. Unity's swimsuit variety covers even the most discerning consumer.


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