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Anti Cancer Day

by George Bouzas

The 4th of February it is set as the World Cancer Day. The Unity company, as it is sensitized with this issue, consider it a duty to notify and promote every activity is taken for the fight against the disease.

The information and the prevention for this issue is the most important step and for this reason, both on 4th of month and daily, seminars and lectures are organized so the experts can notify to the people all the parameters of this big problem that strikes the whole world and the efforts being made for its elimination.

We can and must make a better world, helping our fellows and spreading the ways to achieve this goal. Our company with responsibility, supports all the efforts being made and it is ready to help this hard work that is being done both from organized bodies and individuals.

Everything can be improved and changed, only if there is willingness that is being done.

Nobody is alone, nobody is left over.


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