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by Dimitris Asimakopoulos

The IOANNA KOURBELA BASICS collection lives by the principle that ’’The Garment is the Home of the Body’’. A collection where the body is coated with natural yarns and fabrics, embracing it gently, dictating a newfound freedom. Designs inspired by Greek classical geometry, surrounded by graceful tenderness and elegance that give emphasis to comfort and sense.
The new Ioanna Kourbela Basics Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection takes you to a distinctive moment, sustained from time, dictating a new unfound freedom of aesthetic. A complete range of designs, whose silhouettes stand out for their universal elements and their modest, fashionable, sophisticated and contemporary timelessness.
Across the unique style of each line within the new Basics collection, the importance lies in shape and texture, thus creating unity and balance; clothes of simple structure and shape, which embrace the body, allowing complete freedom in movement. Materials in a new approach, in customized versions and combinations that create a sense of tease to vision and touch. Knitwear with an absolute perfectly feminine and fall mood in elegant patterns. Garments in a casual fall/winter style with special textures in two color duets that are opposite but also compliment each other. Combinations of cotton and wool threads, viscose fabrics, soft denims in a new approach, fashionable knitwear, all produced under sustainable and responsible procedures exclusively in Greece and exported to 25 countries internationally. Ioanna Kourbela exports her collections as well as her unique aesthetic approach to the female figure around the world.

Vital, thus Basic.


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