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Life Will Smile

by George Bouzas

The touching but full of bravery, courage and self-sacrifice, history of the island Zakynthos during the Second World War it didn't take long for Steven Priovolos to perceive it.The Cinema producer and Photography director who lives in Los Angeles, found out that this history has the ability to touch emotionally the people and to highlight the great moral values, such us self-denial, unity in front of difficult moments, that rule the Hellenism and also the human temperament over time.

Zakynthos, a small Greek island and all of its inhabitants risked their lives in order to rescue 275 Hebrews were living there becoming, thus, an example of human glory that defies the rules and the consequences when it needs. To be created this documentary, needed some years of archive research, autopsies in the area and interviews with survivors from those troubled times and also the support of the British Production Company, Nomadic Film, and other more directors and producers.

The Unity Company, with great honor and knowing the importance of promotion this documentary, has decided to become the sponsor in this effort.

Our company, trying to carry out in daily life all of these values, it would be a mistake to be uninvolved in this fact. Parallel to this we are responsible sponsor and supporter in the effort of the Hellenic Anticancer Company, with a particular clothes collection, designed exclusively for this purpose under the firm ''Better Together''. The revenue from this campaign will be available to help with the project of the Hellenic Anticancer Company.


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