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Which shoes should I wear? Women’s shoe style and purchase guide.

by George Bouzas

We know that when a woman looking for the right shoes to match them with the right outfit can be a little bit stressful. Too many styles, colors and heights of heels to choose from, ultimately ending up in perfect shoe pairs can be a bit of a nightmare. The right shoes can show off or narrowed an entire look. Τhe right shoes can add the ultimate touch to your look. In this article we have put together some small useful tips to help you choose the best shoes for an excellent look, whether it is a casual or formal outfit, we are here to help!

The main issue women face when they want a simpler look is what shoes they will wear. Women’s jean trousers are the ideal blank canvas to work with. If you are addicted to tight jeans, then at this time of year, where the weather is colder, the ankle boots fit perfectly together with such jeans. Choose from boots with laces and zippers, zippers and jewelry, for a more extreme, more stylish look or some comfortable boots of Ioanna’s Kourbela. For mothers with busy weekends to choose something more casual, for example, Converse women's shoes, which not only are comfortable but choosing from different designs and patterns can add a bold and fun look at your outfit. Give your skinny jeans a new dimension with a pair of DR Martens women's shoes or high heels, where it not only lengthens your legs, but gives you a high fashion look that will be impressive.

When choosing a pair of shoes for the office, it would be better to match your color choices with a pair of Fred Perry women's shoes. Again, by choosing different colors, textures, and details, you can combine your style on a daily basis. We are big fans of Fred Perry shoes. They give you a classic, refined look that's perfect for your work. Another style that looks excellent for office is Adidas shoes, which look wonderful in style, have a variety of colors for a fashionable look. Choose the suitable pair of shoes to help you change easily from work to a night out.

If it's a casual look for an evening, why not choose a pair of Sprox women's shoes as a stylish alternative to your outlook. For such a bold look you will need some outstanding shoes, with high heels where they will give you an impressive but also rock outfit. Sometimes in our busy lives, we have to change our look and let the casual for a more formal one, making the right impression, so the attention to small details, like your shoes, can make all the difference.

Pencil Skirts is an element that all women must have in their wardrobes, is an absolute fashion style, ideal for all formal occasions. High heels or classic shoes add an elegant touch to your outfit, making you look taller and therefore more confident. It's a classic fashion combination that works well with suits. But if the heels are not your style flat women's shoes are equally beautiful.

Choose a style with impressive details to add a personal touch. Do you have an upcoming wedding or night out? A dress or a skirt is an ideal choice for these occasions, why not choose your shoes first to decide what to wear a little more easily. Add to your style jewels for the perfect evening look. For a simple look chooses lower shoes, the peep toe heels bring to your outfit a more impressive touch, details such as fringes and laces will create an attractive look. If you prefer dresses and skirts for an office look, wear tights and stylish boots for a formal look that is perfect for the cooler days. The ankle boots and lace add a rock-chic touch to a skater skirt. Add a final touch to your outfit by changing the color and the design of your pantyhose when you wear simple boots or shoes.

Maxi dresses are still a style that all women have in their wardrobe, are perfect for relaxed summer vacations as well as special occasions. With a maxi dress, it can be quite difficult to know which shoes to wear. For a hippy-boho look that looks amazing in the summer, choose some printed wedge sandals or with jewelry. If it is for a wedding or a party, then choosing a pair of beautiful sandals, elevating the level of your look.

Choosing the right colors

There are so many colors to choose from in Unity when it comes to footwear. While Black is perfect as it goes with almost any other color, sometimes it's nice to choose a different one. The Navy is a color tends to be a huge trend this year, it is an elegant, classy color that gives you a timeless, smart look. Which shoes are you going to wear with a dress or suit? Court shoes add an elegant touch and really make the Navy "Pop". For a summery look, the black sandals and gladiator sandals look amazing comparing with Navy.

Which shoes match a red dress? Red is a bold, a vivid color. With so many tones to choose from, you need to find one that suits you. A red dress is the perfect for your office wardrobe as well as fit for the evening out with the girls. The black hits can along with a red dress and it is a beautiful approach. If the black color is not your color, try to add nude or gold in the combination.

Every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe, whether it's for work or a night in town that we all have as our favorite. A black dress can match with all shoe colors. From the classic black, white and navy to bold and outstanding red, pink, green and purple. Why not have fun and try different looks, by matching the color of your accessories with one of your shoes.

Just as women's dresses from Ioanna Kourbela are classic items that should be part of your wardrobe, a white dress is important too, whether it's an official dress for work or a special occasion. A simple appearance is always in fashion and gives you an elegant look. Choose between black or white shoes. For something little different add a pop color as for example, red, blue, pink or green. These color suits just as well when you wear them with a classic white jean.

Now you have our tips for shoes that are suitable for casual and formal outfits and what colors match best together – there is no excuse not to add some colored items into your wardrobe now! Shoes are a fantastic accessory that when selected properly can actually add that touch that missing from your look. Have fun with different styles, textures, and colors and see how many fantastic design matches you can have.


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