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How to buy a handbag to a woman that she will love it (Lady’s shopping guide)

by George Bouzas

Let's face it, it's hard to buy gift for a woman. Who wants to shop for a professional buyer? It looks like you are offering accounting service to an experienced accountant. (In fact, it is difficult but not impossible.) But after discussions with men we've met (bosses, hairdressers, fathers or friends etc) indicate us, that this is not a woman's whim. This is the intimidation factor that “follows” the existence of a woman. Most of men have no idea what gift should take or are too afraid to make purchases in order to satisfy the women of their lives– whether there is their wife, sister, or just their girlfriend. They seem to be happy to spend on gifts, but they want to do it with a smart way and successfully.

The item that we have been asked most often by men for advice in shopping and buying is women's handbags that also happens to be the most favourite and important accessory of all in a woman's wardrobe: The Women's handbag. Our first answer is: "Is this purchase for a specific purpose or for pleasure? Does she need it or does she just want it? "You see, the first thing you should know, gentlemen, is that there is a difference between the versatile bags that we keep on our shoulders to service our daily needs and the bag that can fit very small things when we dress for evening go out. There are practical things in a woman's purse and not practical, but they both needed. So, we have created a map to help you and give you an idea in and out of the store about the right bag that fits perfectly into her taste and lifestyle. You'll see that it's not so hard after all.

Let's see the first option, the more practical bags

We have many options to recommend you. You can choose between crossbody and backpack bas. You can choose from a variety of modern and durable backpack bags.






Get into her lifestyle.

Always checking the reason behind the purchase of the bag for your lady. Are you going to buy it because she needs something bigger or something durable, or something like a kind of used ? If she needs an elegant but also functional bag for office, you should consider if she could need a shoulder strap so that can be open (in this case, the flat and wide strips will be more comfortable and even better if they are adjustable). There is one thing that you can’t overlook despite her lifestyle or the price – is the initial weight of the bag. If you want to please her, never buy a handbag that it is heavy when it is empty. Despite the exquisite style, the weight will create problems to her daily routine.

Be an observer. Make sure you have a real understanding of her taste. Pay attention to the things in her wardrobe that she really loves-everything starting from the brands she wears most often, the various textures and colors that she has a special attraction for. Penetration in her locker is perfectly acceptable as she seeks the advice of her friends. But for additional confirmation, check out her Social Media accounts like Pinterest and Instagram. Beyond her own preferences, check out the tastemakers that interacts and follows to get some ideas or examples of the style she admires.

Size matters. Aside from the style, the second most important aspect of the bag for alternation (your goal, by the way) is the size. Remember to estimate how much of the bag space her belongings take. For example, if in her daily transfer includes a 13 inch laptop, a brush etc. If you are buying online, be sure to check the dimensions of the bag to make sure it is the right size, as many popular styles come in various options (such as Bally Sommet tote, above). To be more useful, retailers like Net-a-Porter and

mytheresa.com also present every handbag in its actual size and how it will look like in a woman.

Classic trend. If you find it difficult to decide, a choice between cannel, Black or gray is a classic choice of women's bag that does not affected by seasons. (Hint: Stay away from white or bone – it usually requires very high care for a practical work bag).

But what happens when we want to choose a more stylish ladies' handbag?

Usually such bags are the small hand bag or a shoulder bag. Unity offers you a variety of options to choose from.





You admire her
. Unlike a practical (but polished) daily handbag, your goal with a bag for special circumstances (sometimes called evening purse, minaudière, or mini bag) is the «wow» factor. She wants something that her friends want too. Something that will express admiration every time she get it out from her wardrobe. So, really think of her favourite colors, style type and designers – as this is the chance to be more brave with your choice. Think: bold hues, playful prints and anything that sparks shine and admirαtion.

The little one's big.

It is no secret that a beautiful handbag is a expensive investment. High quality design options of the best condition and craftsmanship will cost you over 1,000 euros, easily. The good news for you, though, is that tiny bags or miniatures have a variance. Designers make more pint size choices – which is fantastic because this means that the entry price on some of the most sought-after labels minimizes the potential risk of "product return".

Size still matters.

Because she probably doesn't hold this bag every day, doesn't mean she won't hold her in many various non-working days. Some ladies can over spend by paying with a credit card for a bag where only a lipstick is fit. And some handbags are not as comfortable in reducing their "must-have". So, if her bag or her motto about bags is "The Bigger, the better", consider getting a big hand bag or a female shoulder bag with a decorative strap. If seems to be more interested in appearance than practicality, buy something ultra-modern and practical like Ioanna’s Kourbela bags. Then add some fancy designs to give her a chance to prove her new well paid purchase.


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