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Payment methods


You can pay for your order in the following ways:

1) By cash on delivery, where the payment is made to the employee of the courier company upon delivery-receipt of the products, with a charge of €2.00.

2) Credit card charge. When entering your card details, the bank blocks, without initially charging the amount of your order. Your credit card is charged during invoicing so as to avoid problems in cases of non-immediate availability.

3) Online payment via PayPal

4) Deposit to the company’s bank account:

  • When completing your order, you choose as payment method, Bank Deposit.
  • You deposit the amount of money into the following accounts:

NATIONAL BANK: IBAN GR1101101460000014644110059

EUROBANK: IBAN GR3302601050000310200140970

Then please send us the proof of deposit by e-mail to [email protected] For the best service, please give the bank your full name and order number as a justification.

5) By cash, for collection from all our stores: